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5 Universities That Offer Fintech As A Course.


5 Universities That Offer Fintech As A Course.

These Are The 5 Universities That Offer Fintech As A Course.

 Universities offer different courses for prospective undergraduates who are aspiring to be great in the future. These universities are the final step in education, and they contribute fairly to the development of the economy as a whole by providing brighter minds for the country.

5 Universities that offer fintech as a course

There are the 5 universities that offer fintech as a course all over the world that offer financial technology, also known as Fintech, to their students. Fintech is a course, people are paying attention too, it has a whopping salary of $160,000. Companies are moving towards getting people who have this certification possess this skills.

But before we proceed, let’s go deep into the definition and areas of study of fintech.

Financial Technology is used to identify cutting-edge technology that aims to enhance and automate the provision of financial services. See the 10 financial organization tips for micro and small businesses.

5 Universities that offer fintech as a course

The term “financial technology,” or “fintech,” is a portmanteau that refers to businesses using new technology to compete with conventional financial methods in the provision of financial services.

These are the 5 Universities that offer Fintech as a course

1. Massachusetts University of Technology
It is one of the biggest universities in America that offered Fintech as a course for students. It is well known for the value its contribution to the career development of the students. In term of financial Technology, The University offers Blockchain, Cryptocurrency.



It also organizes yearly conferences for students with the invitation of more than 30 Speakers who are really good in terms of providing ideas for the people.

They also offer Research development and finances on Fintech. MIT offered a new course known as pursuing happiness

MIT offers more than 10 blockchain courses under its Digital Currency Initiative, two of which are free online programs, and a fintech graduate course.


The university also offers entrepreneurship courses that allow students to diversify into different business opportunities. These are the fintech courses offered: Blockchain Lab, Blockchain and Money, Crypto Finance, Cryptocurrency Engineering and Design, and Cryptocurrency.

2. Cornell University
The University is a private Ivy League and statutory land-grant research university. It was founded in 1865 by Ezra Cornell. The university is ranked among the most prestigious universities in the world. It has an endowment of $9.8 billion, and the provost is Michael Kotlikoff.



It is regarded as the realms of Fintech because it offers varieties of blockchain courses like Fintech, Cryptography Essentials, Fintech Distribution, Introduction to Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies, and Smart Contracts.

It also includes Trends in Fintech, Evolution of Bitcoin fees and the future of money that is Digital Currency.

The schools that compare and conduct seminars are the big guns in the FinTech industries. Like the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, he has conducted a crypto boot camp with the students. Cornell University also offers free online seminars where they issue out certificates after the completion of those courses.
3. Harvard University 


Harvard University is one of the most prestigious universities and the oldest in North America. It has more than 2 million applicants who want to come to the university. It was founded in 1636 as Havard College. Its motto is “Veritas,” and it is a private research university that was founded by the Massachusetts General Court. The name of the president is Lawrence Bascow, and the university has more than 19,000 students and 13,996 graduates of 13,996.The campus is located in Midsize City.

It has produced the most living billionaires in the United States, along with more Field Medalists and Nobel Prize winners than any other American university in the world. In terms of Fintech, it has the highest numbers of students who are established in the blockchain industry. Havard also partnered with Coursera to provide online courses to those who cannot afford to come into the university. In addition, Havard has also devoted a part of their cyberspace to financial technology.

They offer Blockchain Specialization, Blockchain Foundation and Use Cases, Blockchain Essentials, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies, Raising Money with Fintech, Demystifying Blockchain, and Forging the Future of Fintech, all free online courses. This online course provides guidelines and insight into the shifting nature of the financial sector and provides a holistic understanding.

4. University of California, Berkeley
The University came into existence in 1868 in California; the cost after admission is $16,000, and it has an acceptance rate of 17%. The University of California also has a graduation rate of 92%.

It was the first state land-grant university. The name of the Chancellor is Carol T. Christ, and it has a total staff of 23,524; in addition, the number of undergraduates is 31,814. It is nicknamed “Golden Bears.”



The school is known for its high research activities and strong academic programs. It has a high reputation in the blockchain industry all over the world.

The school devoted an entire initiative to blockchain technology, offering two to three courses per year as well as dedicated research on blockchain and fintech. Their systems focus on lattice-based cryptosystems, emerging systems, and blockchain fundamentals (Emerging Technologies and Social Impact Challenge Lab, respectively).

The school has also partnered with Amazon, AB InBev, and J.P. Morgan for online courses, which cost $2,600 to enroll in. Success in the fintech revolution requires a holistic understanding of today’s landscape. The program also helps to explore notable fintech organizations, new business models, and the investing community. The university also allows self-study and virtual classrooms.

5. University of Oxford

The University was founded 926 years ago in 1096, it is a public research University Ancient University, the University has a big budget worth 2.145 billion pounds. 
The name of the vice Chancellor is Louise Ricardson, it has a student of 24,515 and postgraduates of 12,010. The University is located in Oxford. 


It is one of the most leading universities in the English speaking countries and it is prominent when it comes to giving to the public the best product. Oxford University is also known for giving room for research and strong academics.
 It offers different blockchain courses like Oxford Fintech Program, Blockchain Software Engineering and Blockchain for managers, digitization of money, Artificial intelligence, algorithmic Technologies in financial services and blockchain and cryptocurrencies

The University has pattern with different platform which include Zoona, Seedrs, Onfido, Funding Circle and many more. This makes it a natural place to learn the course.





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